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Customised Financial Training Services

Training service providers mostly provide training programs which are general and not focused on the specific requirements of the business.  AABS’s approach to training is to firstly understand your business environment and its operations. We then customize the training, based on gaps identified, to focus on the specific areas which will add the most value to the business.

Benefits to be derived by employers

  • Tangible payoffs in terms of workplace productivity improvement from their employees - the training content is practical and customised to be relevant to tasks performed by staff. 
  • Value for money – offers a better return per training dollar spent compared to other available training courses which offer general unfocused training 
  • Training time savings – because the course is focused on only the specific areas employees need to be familiar with, employees will be back on the job faster compared to if a general training program was done   
  • Greater training flexibility – can be done in-house or at external venue.  Can be done as a one day programme or two half day programmes on week days or weekends to the convenience of the employer and employees

Customised Financial Training Service offerings

  1. Development of financial models
  • Training in use of advanced excel features to simplify, enhance and develop revenue, operating expenditure and capital expenditure budget collation templates appropriate for the particular business
  • Training in techniques (SWOT, corporate valuation methods, performance analysis, forecasting methodologies) to support strategic investment decision making – e.g. to analyse foreign subsidiary or branch acquisitions, disposals and expansion strategies. 
  • Training in the development of templates to support b. above
  • Training in investment portfolio modeling. Includes guidance on development of investment registers, effective interest rate calculations for amortization of discounts / premiums on vanilla, zero coupon and amortising bonds and  calculation and projection of  earned income (net of amortization amounts) for comparing alternative investments
  • Training in development and evaluation of alternative compensation strategies  for staff and executive management
  • Training in the development of templates to support e. above


  1. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Excel training

MS Excel Training customised to the requirements of the department / user group requiring training e.g. Human resources, operations, finance, research, corporate office etc. Will illustrate using on the job examples for the particular department of how work productivity can be enhanced using some of the more powerful  but less commonly used features in MS Excel ®  

  1. Use of FRX ® software for financial reporting

Training in creation of financial reports with transaction drill back capability for statutory reports and budget management reporting. Training provided in creation of multicurrency and consolidated drill back reports provided as well

  1. Financial Planning & Financial Management presentations for staff

Includes training on financial planning based on objectives, various investment options available, tax considerations, calculating expected return on investments, financial risk/return profiles, ways of diversifying income & risk and planning for retirement.



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