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Financial Management & Modeling

Oftentimes  your business may require a higher level resource to do a financial management or financial modeling exercise and either a resource is unavailable or possibly because of competing priorities does not have the time to get the work done.  AABS can partner with you to execute the assignment in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with your requirements. 

Benefits to be derived by your business

  • Execution of the financial management or financial modeling work within the timeframe  you require – enabling you to make better and more timely decisions
  • Your existing staff resources are not diverted from operational responsibilities critical to the business
  • A fresh perspective is given to your financial management or financial modeling issues.  AABS may be able to show new or different approaches / solutions to the issues noted

Financial Management & Modeling service offerings

Areas AABS can assist you in include:               

  • Advise on design & implementation of cashflow planning and cashflow management systems
  • Design & development of templates using SWOT, corporate valuation methods, performance analysis and forecasting methodologies to support strategic investment decision making – e.g. to analyse and make recommendations on foreign subsidiary or branch acquisitions, disposals and expansion strategies, make or buy decisions and lease or buy decisions
  • Investment portfolio modeling - including development of investment registers which include effective interest rate calculations for amortization of discounts / premiums on vanilla, zero coupon and amortising bonds and   calculation and projection of  earned income (net of amortization amounts) for alternative investments
  • Analysing historic or prospective performance of financial instruments – you may want to analyse returns offered by a financial product you are considering investing in or launching relative to the performance of similar financial products in the market.  AABS can help you do the analysis and make recommendations to facilitate your decision making.
  • Comparison and  of your product(s) / service(s) relative to competitor offerings  - AABS will do the research, detailed analysis and side by side comparisons for you to determine superiority of level of returns offered, differences in similar services / products offered and identify areas you can gain a competitive advantage  for marketing your product(s) / service(s)    






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