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Internal Controls

Maintaining strong internal controls is key to ensuring the success of your business.  Most businesses which experience rapid growth often are preoccupied with getting the product / service to the customer and are unable to make the time or assign resources to ensure that key internal controls are adhered to.  

AABS recognises this and is willing and able to help you improve and develop your control environment.

Benefits to be derived by your business

  • Less likelihood of losses to your business arising from embezzlement and misappropriation of assets
  • Greater accountability of staff for the work they are responsible for
  • Less time wasting and duplication of effort from having streamlined business processes and a clear authorization framework
  • Improved clarity in lines of communication in the organisation

      Internal Controls service offerings    

  1. Design of delegation of authority frameworks – AABS can help you by providing a summary single page framework for delegation of authority limits with a clear work flow for purchase requisitioning, purchase ordering, invoicing, receiving and payment for goods and services. Includes clear definition of who the authorisers / approvers are, job position, their approval limits and whether more than one authorizer is required at each stage. 
  2. Review and recommend changes to business control environment- includes analysis of the business’s controls environment - performing operational reviews, identifying and documenting control weaknesses and recommending practical solutions to resolve issues noted
  1. Implementation of control environment changes - from issued noted per 2. above we can assist your business by partnering with your staff to implement the recommended solution(s)







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